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New students

Must complete a 3 month probation period to receive Abadas(Capoeira pants)

Do not be afraid or intimated to ask questions to the teacher and or fellow senior students


Bring water, and snacks if needed

Before getting water or snacks ask unless emergency
No shorts during training unless told otherwise.  Students that have Abadas should wear pants with correct belt. Visiting other schools and training with a Mestre white Abadas with correct belt should always be worn unless asked or told otherwise.

Be on time

(or perhaps before the class/workshop/event starts)

Arriving to class earlier will help in many ways, such as changing to training gear, paying for the classes, reading new announcements, stretching, tuning into the mood of that day at the academy, or connecting with the teachers and students. Help in anyway needed if requested or if your common sense tells you to do so.

If you come to class late find an area where you can warm up briefly find teacher ask for permission to enter class training session(wait until teacher doesn’t seem busy, greet teacher and ask for permission to train)

Be conscious, courteous, and thoughtful.

Welcome newcomers and help beginners when needed. In our group everyone can help anyone. Potentially the hierarchy or belt ranking will be a determining factor to who needs more or less help. Remember that at anytime you are allowed to make a mistake! Motivate and encourage yourself and others to perceive improvement and change what needed in order to promote such improvement and growth and maintain the standards of our capoeira lineage.

new and experienced students will come across challenges and as these moments come do not just quit or say that you can’t do something until you at least try.


Be clean and considerate.

Make sure to wear clean capoeira attire, make sure your toe and finger nails are clipped, cover any cuts or open wounds with appropriate first-aid dressing, and maintain good personal hygiene.

More experienced students should play new students with control and safety constantly using verbal cues to aid the new student when to escape and or counter and perform said movement.


Explain and relate all that is necessary to the instructor.

Greet the instructor(s) upon arrival and announce to the teachers in class if you need to leave the room or class (even if the official class time has passed). Advise any or all our instructors training parters of any physical limitations or personal concerns that you may have in regards to the activities you are requested to perform.


Everyone should be exercising regularly.

All levels should be exercising regularly, capoeira is a martial art that is very demanding on the body need to be fit and stretched

regular push ups, sit ups, and squats should be done daily

regular stretching should be done daily

basic ginga movements, kicks, and escapes should also be practiced as often as possible outside of class

music should be practiced as well.